Exploring Possibilities

Last week I had pleasure of facilitating a conversation with two Hopkins alumni, Sadaf Khan and Sharad Baliyan, on the topics of Defining Your Goals, Generating Ideas, and Radical Collaboration. My guests shared some fantastic ideas and words of wisdom in the short hour we had together.

Throughout our conversation I was struck by the coherency of their own narratives and the ways in which how they described their career journeys so clearly embodied Life Design principles (with very little prompting from me). For college students, the next 10 to 15 years of your life is a mixture of anticipation, aspiration, uncertainty, and desire. Your imagined future self is often either the neat culmination of a life plan that you (or your parents) set in place when you were a teenager or a daydream removed from any concrete actions or clearly marked values. And yet for those students who viewed Sadaf or Sharad as a possible surrogate for one of their future selves , their path forward would have been illuminated, but in a way that still allowed for new possibilities. For example, while Sadaf’s career interests have always been grounded in her values related to freedom of expression, she never could have planned for a career working in content policy at Facebook (such jobs didn’t exist when she was in college).

If you interested, the link to a video of the conversation is below ((you can click HERE for the video timing).

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