Exploring Possibilities

Last week I had pleasure of facilitating a conversation with two Hopkins alumni, Sadaf Khan and Sharad Baliyan, on the topics of Defining Your Goals, Generating Ideas, and Radical Collaboration. My guests shared some fantastic ideas and words of wisdom in the short hour we had together. Throughout our conversation I was struck by the... Continue Reading →

Refreshing Your Life Design Toolkit

Another really helpful video from Dave Evans and Bill Burnett, authors of Designing Your Life. I've often used their 10 second summary of Life Design - Get Curious, Talk to People, Try Stuff, Tell Your Story - in my presentations at Johns Hopkins. Especially for parents and new students, this summary gets at the heart... Continue Reading →

Generative Acceptance

New video out from the godfathers of Life Design, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans in which they discuss the concept of Generative Acceptance. COVID-19 is a gravity problem that has ushered in a new reality (or as they describe it, a "new normal" that will soon just become our "normal"). Accepting this reality is a... Continue Reading →

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