Welcome to the blog of my site, Education * Designed. This is where I will be posting the thoughts, ideas, and prototypes that I am working on in my role as Director of Life Design for the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences at Johns Hopkins University. Over the next weeks and months, my colleagues and I will be working hard to reimagine the future of integrative learning and career services at Hopkins, and will be putting out all sorts of exciting content, ranging from videos and quick tips to more fully formed workshops and syllabi.

This blog will serve as a rough draft of my role in that effort – a chance to “show my work” and illustrate the iterative process taking place daily at the Life Design Lab. While some of the ideas that appear in this blog may find their way into future programming and content, many ideas will end up on the cutting room floor. And that’s okay – I work alongside a crazy-talented group of educators, all of whom are bursting with innovative ideas and techniques.

While a lot of what I post about will be related to my current job and focus on careers and building off of the ideas that I learned at the Stanford Life Design Studio, I hope to draw on other aspects of my experience as well. Prior to joining Hopkins, I had a decade and a half long career as a historian, lecturer, academic adviser and academic affairs administrator. I’m interested in higher education broadly and continue to engage with issues and colleagues beyond the virtual walls of my current office.

Thank you for reading.

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